Uploading documents is currently only available through the web www.singedoc.com but we are working on make it soon possible from your smartphone or tablet.

Select a document

At first, you ought to select the document to be signed by clicking "New Document" button which you can find in the home screen after login in. You are also able to drag and drop over the page. Inmediately Inmediatamente the document info will be shown with a new button called "Send Document". Click the button to send de document.

Common Data

In the next screen you will be asked a few data related to the document, a title, a message and if it is needed, a deadline.

Fill in the signers

Now it is time to fill in the signers. At this point three options are given:

  • Add me: to add yourself as a signer of the document.
  • Add a new signer: by pressing this button a form will be shown and you will be able to fill in the name and email of the person who must sign the document.
  • Select form contacts: to help you pick the people you have at your disposal an agenda where you can store your most frequent contacts. Select those you want to include as signatories and click the "Add" button. You can add contacts to your address book every time you enter a new signer by checking the "Save the data of the signer on the agenda" or from the top menu, clicking on your name, selecting "Settings" and then "Contact list "on the right side menu.

As you add signatories they appear on screen in sequence. You can change the order of signature simply clicking and dragging any of them to other positions. You can also delete or edit their data using the appropriate links.

When youve finished entering the signatories click "Continue".


Now you only have to wait for the signatures. Signedoc sends an email to each person you have included in the signature flow to inform then and grant then access to the file. An email will be send to you when somebody signs and the next person who has to sign will be informed in case there is one.

For signing this way you need to have a digital certificate installed or connected to your PC and the Java Virtual Machine version 1.6 or higher.

In order to sign a document with an electronic certificate, you must begin by sign in at the web signedoc.com.

Access the document

You have multiple ways to select the document to be signed:

  • From the home screen: here we show you those documents which are waiting for your signature, up to a maximum of five. From here you can click on the link for each one of them to see the detail or click directly on the "Sign Now".
  • From the document detail: as long as the document is waiting for your signature will have available the "Sign" on the right side menu.
  • From the document list: Finally you have the option of accessing the menu "Documents" via the top menu and there use the "Pending my signature" tab.

Select the type of signature

When you click to sign a document you will see a screen like the following for you to indicate the type of signature you want to make. In this case you should select the option "With electronic certificate".

Select the type of signature

Then access a page that loads the signature program (applet). The first time you sign in you will be required to allow the execution. This program will find and show you all the certificates installed or connected to your PC so you can select the one you want to use and pressing the "Sign" button to complete the operation.

Choose the electronic certificate

After that, the document remain signed and stored totally safe.

Download Signedoc App

To proceed to sign a document from your phone (or tablet), you must have previously installed Signedoc application, available on Google Play and the App Store.

Open the file

Look for the document in the "Pending" tab.

We can expand the details of the document by clicking on the title or go directly to the document by clicking on "Sign".

Time to sign

After opening the document we move through the document with the controls on the bottom bar to place in the page and the desired zoom for signature. Once finished, press the Sign button to begin the process of signing the document.

We can include our name so that it remains embedded in the document with the signature if desired.

Then sign with your finger or with a pen and wait a few moments to select the signature. Once you see the blue box, you can move or resizar the signature in the document or delete it if you do not like it by clicking on the "X" in the upper right of the signature. If everything is correct, press the button Send to complete the process.


Once the document has been sent successfully we will have completed the process and the document is signed and stored totally safety.