Signedoc tour

Sending documents

The document will be sent through the web to be signed on the phone or on the computer. The document may be a contract, a order, a invoice, or any other document. Singedoc changes the way of working and it avoids the waste of time and money in document signing and its subsequent store management.

Without using paper, we will send the PDF document to be signed quickly and easily. Without printing costs, mail or fax use. A new way to manage documents signed more efficient, easy and safe.

Set the signers of the document

Then, we have to indicate the document singers. We can add ourselves, and the users who must sign the document. Signers are picked easily.

Once a user signs, the next one is notified. That helps to a better management and it avoids forgotten pending documents.

  • Easy document signing management.
  • Always knowing the signature state.
  • Pending signatures are notified to each singer.
  • Signature delays are avoided.

Sign through the web

When you sign through the web, the browser loads the certificates and you pick one in order to sign with it. Then the certificate is validated and only if it is correct the PDF file is signed.
Electronic certificates are increasingly used for exchanging documents signed electronically, and we give full guarantees on the identity of the signer of the document.

100% compatible

Signedoc works with operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux, and browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and Safari.

Sign on a mobile device

To do that, we will open the PDF document with the Signedoc app, and then we can sign it with a stylus or our finger. This solution allows all users to sign documents and international shipping. You only need to have an iPhone, an Android phone, an iPad or an Android tablet in order to sign, and we will exchange information internationally.

100% secure

The application will store the biometric signature strokes (speed, acceleration, pressure ...) to ensure the identity of the signer in case of litigation. In addition, the biometric information will be encrypted with the key to a Certificate Authority, ensuring that you can not add that information to another document.

Document lists

Signedoc has three lists of documents:
- pending documents signed by yourself,
- documents waiting for other signatures,
- documents already signed.
Also offers powerful search, which lets you search the entire document information: filename, status, date sent ...
And you can also use the advanced search, indicating specifically the information for each field you are looking for.
Thus Signedoc allows easy access to documents, facilitating search and avoiding signed documentation lose.


Each signature should have a time stamp, thus proving irrefutably when was performed.

The signature is stored embebed into the PDF file.

The final PDF will contain all the signatures that have been made, both the biometric information and electronic signature.

Different plans

Signedoc offers different plans depending on the user type and the number of documents to sign each month.